We offer special customization options and packages for hotels, cruise ships, salons, and other businesses, all with discount pricing (as low as $4 per bottle) and graphic design included.

Hotels/cruise ships:

Travelers are increasingly seeking out businesses that take steps to protect the environment. Reduce waste from single-use plastic amenity bottles by switching to refillable bottles. Pump bottles add a hospitable, welcoming touch for your guests and are an inexpensive alternative to locking, wall-mounted dispensers. You won’t even mind if they “walk away”…..after all, they’re like mini advertisements! (If you prefer, our 8 oz bottles do fit the locking EcoEclipse mounting bracket.) We recommend at least 1 set of bottles per room plus another 10-25% extra bottles for replacements. Bottles can be cleaned and refilled in housekeeping after check-out, or simply replaced (and recycled) when empty. (See the Clean the World hotel recycling program here.) See images of the bottles we offer below. (Even more options are on the way!)


Refillable bottles are great if you have a mixture of products you use, but would like to transfer them into dispensers that have a more consistent, unified look.

Homemade products:

If you’d like customized packaging for your personal line of lotions and potions, we can create it for you.

How it works:

Given a logo or an idea, we will create customized labels with graphic design included in the price of the product with unlimited revisions. Our standard branded label is 1.4″ tall in white, clear, or matte silver and is printed with thermal transfer technology on durable, waterproof laminated material with extra strength adhesive. Larger, full-color labels are also available.  We will apply the labels, assemble with your choice of pumps, and send the bottles to you.

Our offerings in white:

Our offerings in amber:

Pumps are available in your choice of black or white. For 16 oz glass, stainless steel pumps are available. Powder coating is also available in any color you can specify, in high gloss, metallic, or other special effects. Ask us for details. Fill out our free quote form, let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll provide a price, a delivery estimate, and a custom order for purchase here on our web site. Free samples are available if you’d like to see and test our quality and the durability of our labels.