Just how customized can I make my labels?

When we say “customize” we mean it! When you order, type the text you’d like on each of your labels. You’ll also have choices of colors and dispensers for many of our products.  If you’d like a different font, a different border, or something like inverse labels (for example, the white on clear label can actually have the clear part be the text, and the white part be all of the space around the text.) When you check out, there’s a space for “Order notes”. Make a note of what you’d like and we’ll likely be able to do it for you. We’ll contact you if we need further clarification, if your customization can’t be done or if it would require time and effort for which we may ask an additional charge. We may e-mail you an image of what you can expect for your approval before shipping.

I’d like some bottles for my salon, hotel, homemade products etc. What can you do for me?

We can put together a special order for you. For a fee, we can design a special label for you based on your logo. (Unlimited revisions.) If you simply want your logo included with no special design we can do that, too! Email us with the details, or fill out a request on our Quote page. Orders of multiple bottles will be discounted.

What is your return policy?

Simple. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If there’s a problem with your order, let us know and we’ll make it right. You may request a full or partial refund or a replacement. Generally speaking, returns will not be accepted, as customized items will not be resold. We are a small, family run company (i.e. real people and no bureaucracy). We’ll treat you like we’d like to be treated as a customer,working with you to make sure you are happy with your products and our services.

Can I get your powder coated bottles and jars in a color other than white, beige, or black?

Our current stock includes those three colors. An extremely wide variety of colors and finishes are available through our manufacturing partner, however any color other than what we have in stock will require a $250 coating setup fee (in addition to the price of the bottles) for an order of less than 500 bottles. For an order of 500+ bottles, we will absorb the cost of the setup fee. We do plan to expand our line in the future to other colors.

Wholesale availability

We would love to work with retailers, and would welcome a discussion on making these products (with or without customization) available on the shelf.

Are your coated bottles environmentally friendly?

“Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process.

Other processes, such as wet painting, require various preparations that can adversely impact the environment. Harmful fumes and carcinogens can fill the air once the carrier solvents evaporate.

Powder coating, on the other hand, applies fine grade compounds to electrically charged objects and heats them to melt the compounds.

There are no harmful solvents used, so negligible, if any, amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the atmosphere. In essence, the powder is virtually pollution-free, with close to 100% efficiency of particle transfer.” per bottlecoatings.com

It appears you only have a few of the items I want in stock. When and how can I get more?

We likely have more in stock than are listed, as we allocate them between different selling venues. We are also launching with only a few hundred bottles, but we plan to make many more available as we grow. Send us a line if our site tells you we don’t have as many as you want, and we’ll let you know if we can fulfill the order.