Announcing, the launch of Artanis Home’s!

It has been a long road here. I first got the idea that there was something missing from the shelves many years ago. I was a young homeowner with a flair for decorating, and I had several products in my bathroom with mixed up bottle colors that just didn’t go with my decor. So on I went on a shopping trip to find something that didn’t exist – a line of nice containers that could replace my skin and hair products, and not just that basic dispenser that you MIGHT find paired with a toothbrush holder at your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Surely something out there could work for me? But alas, after several shopping stops, I gave up. So those products, even the ones that I used every day, just ended up out of sight in the cabinet. Or sometimes when I was lazy, I’d just leave those mixed up bottles on the counter where they’d be accessible, even though they seriously disturbed my feng shui.

Fast-forward about 15 years later. I’d recently moved into my first home-of-our-own with my husband of 3 years, and I’m in decorating frenzy. An old, familiar idea popped into my head — “wouldn’t it be great to have some really nice colored glass bottles in my bathroom? Too bad they don’t make them.” And then I had the thought that every wife and mother has thought to herself, “I guess I’ll have to do it myself.” It was time to put the entrepreneurial spirit that has been bubbling beneath the surface into action. At first, it was R&D. What colors would people like? What bottle types? How can I paint some bottles in a way that looks good, but the paint won’t peel off or dissolve from the products that are put in it? Paint, paint, paint. I tried it all. All, that is, that I could find at my local craft store and home improvement store. I’d wait for those 2 precious hours on Saturday and Sunday otherwise known as my toddler’s nap time. As soon as she was “out”, I was out….out the door and setting up my spray paints and tent. I was pleased to find that those Krylon spray paints did a decent job, but what to use as a protective coat? And what label would I use that would be durable enough? I researched online and found a great label-making system – thermal transfer printing. Check! But then I also found many coating company sales representatives that all scratched their heads as to what product would work for my application. The best I could find was Polycrylic. But just when I was realizing that 4 hours on weekends was not going to yield very many bottles any time soon, I found it….a local company that had a formula for coating my bottles with durable, flawless coatings in one step. And I wouldn’t need the ventilator or the backyard DIY!

So here we are! I’m very pleased to offer my line of glossy, color-coated, custom-labeled bottles and jars that will make your bathroom organized, unified, and beautiful. And for the shower, and for those who are a bit afraid of glass, I’m offering great plastic bottles as well. I’m very excited to offer something that is really missing from the shelves and to spare people from having to do DIY and still end up with something that’s not quite the luxurious bath that they desire. Problem solved for many of you out there who are like me, who would rather have their bathroom products on their counter and looking organized and beautiful, rather than hiding everything away in the cabinet.

You’re welcome.

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