Amber Boston Round Glass 16 oz Trigger Sprayer Bottle

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Coming in the classic Boston round shape, this clear glass sprayer bottle can be refilled and reused again and again, cutting down on plastic waste. Choose between black or white Calmar trigger sprayer which features molded wings and stream, mist, and off settings. The bottle is large, holding 16 fluid ounces of liquid, so won't need to be refilled often. The bottle with sprayer stands 8.7" tall and is 2 7/8" in diameter. 
Amber bottles provide UV protection for liquids containing essential oils. (Essential oils must be emulsified to spray.) Lead free and BPA free!
A black phenolic cap can be added on to store liquids long term without contact with the sprayer's plastic dip tube. Phenolic caps offer great insulation, a tight fit, low moisture absorption, and are resistant to chemical corrosion.

Hand Wash

Height: 8.7 in

Width: 2.9 in

Special Features

Clean, uncluttered, and elegant glass.

The classic Boston round shape and amber glass bring elegance and class to any space. Amber glass provides moderate UV protection to light-sensitive liquids.

Choose from black and white sprayer options to complement your home decor.