Beige Powder Coated Glass Jar 16oz

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Glossy, beige powder coated 16 oz glass straight sided jar with your choice of lid.

The jar is great for hair gel and thick creams, makeup brushes and toothbrushes. It's also the perfect size for Q-tips(R) storage! For the kitchen, use it to store snacks and other small items. (Inside is food-safe, uncoated glass.) The 16 oz jar stands around 4" tall and 3 9/16" wide with an opening wide enough for a small to medium-sized adult hand (3.5").

The coating: Our bottles and jars feature a durable and eco-friendly powder coating. The chemical-resistant powder coating is smooth, sleek, and glossy. Simply clean spills of product onto the surface with clear or soapy water.* Wash before use.

*Note: The powder coating is extremely durable and chemical-resistant. However, it is not for use with acetone, which is used to strip powder coatings.

Hand wash

Height: 4 in

Width: 3.6 in