Refillable 16oz Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottle, Clear PET Plastic with Label (Empty, no sanitizer product inside)

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If frequent use of hand sanitizer is the new normal, let's have it looking nice! Like hand soap, we can all use a refillable bottle to hold our hand sanitizer that looks nice on our countertop or in our places of business. We created these to address the need for hand sanitizer in today's world, with one of our favorite minimalist designs, featuring a glossy plastic (BOPP) label in a neutral mottled beige and crisp black. Pump locks in the down position. Comes in a sturdy, clear PET plastic. Purchase some for your place of business and distribute strategically throughout the office. Purchase hand sanitizer in bulk, save money, and refill a nice looking bottle.

Hand wash

Height: 8.2 in

Width: 2.75 in