Lot/Clearance Sale - 15 Miron UV Glass Low Profile Jars, 120 ml (4 oz)

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Authentic European Miron UV glass jars - Lot of 15 child resistant low profile thick and heavy premium glass jars. The leading retailer of these jars sells them online for $21 plus shipping. Child-resistant lids provide an air-tight, smell-proof closure. These jars provide an exceedingly long shelf life for natural cosmetics, tea, and dried herbs.
4.5" tall, 4.8" wide, 120ml (4 oz)
UV glass jars look black, but are actually a deep violet color. Classy, elegant, and modern cosmetic style low profile jars are used for high end cosmetics, tea, coffee, dried herb storage and more due to their extreme ability to preserve freshness, taste, and potency. The glass filters out harmful wavelengths of light and allows beneficial wavelengths. I personally tested the larger version of the jar which kept a cherry tomato fresh for 7 months! (Outlasts even opaque glass jars or storing in a dark place.)
$125 with free US shipping.
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