2 Amber Glass 16 oz "Modern Apothecary" Pump Bottles

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The classic "Boston round" shape - stylish, understated, and classy with your choice of stylish, modern pumps. Ditch the cheap-looking store-bought bottle and refill this classy glass bottle to impress guests and add a touch of class to the sink.

- Gorgeous waterproof labels with a muted white background and silver accents, designed with a blend of modern and vintage-inspired charm.

The amber provides good uv protection for liquids containing essential oils and others that are sensitive to light. 

Your bottles come with the labels neatly applied for you. 


Hand Wash

Height: 8.4 in

Width: 2.9 in

Special Features

Clean, uncluttered, and elegant glass.

The classic Boston round shape and amber glass bring elegance and class to the countertop. Amber glass provides moderate UV protection to light-sensitive liquids.

Choose from an array of several beautiful pump options to complement your home decor.