Why Buy From Us?

Since 2017, we've been pleased to offer our unique designs to homes and rental properties across America and the world.

We are a small business, a husband and wife team with a dream to build our brand with integrity. It has been our passion to build our business with a hands-on approach. Instead of simply having our products made in China, each of our products are personally selected, tested, and photographed by Christine, labels designed by Christine and staff, and final products assembled and packed with care by John and our warehouse assistant.

We are committed to building our products from as many American components as possible, and are constantly looking for opportunities to have ALL components made in America.

Personalized Products and Services:

Christine is passionate about providing excellent customer service and ensuring satisfaction, even while raising a family and continuing a full-time career in multimedia.

Although we are small, we've built great partnerships with larger companies that helps with large, complex customization projects. And because we are small, we are also flexible.

We've found some of our greatest pleasures in the customized services we've provided through the years. From designing labels that are easy for an elderly couple to read, to looking up the right font and design considerations when a customer needed shower bottles for a parent with dementia.

Making a Difference:

From vacation properties to houses, we believe the home (or home away from home) should be a sanctuary. The kitchen is the heart, and the bathroom is the spa. Clean, well-designed, sustainable, and clutter free. We are proud of what we have built, and we look forward to sharing it with you!