About Us

Artanis Home is a small family-owned and operated company based in the Denver Metro.

Established in 2017, we've earned a great reputation with our customers on various marketplaces for our excellent customer service and unique, quality custom bottles and jars. We are happy to make our products available via our website as well, where we provide more personalized services to  hotels, gyms, cosmetics startups, refill shops, and other businesses.

We offer both pre-decorated product lines as well as custom-labeled containers/dispensers of various materials, colors, sizes, and closures, and work closely with you to create unique designs that are brand-forward and cohesive. Our MOQ for custom labels is only 1. Silk screen printing and ceramic (ACL) printing are available in bulk with relatively low MOQs. 

Artanis Home Owners


At Artanis Home, our goal is to provide the most extensive, most highly customizable line of product dispensers and containers in the world. We look forward to serving you, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See here for more info.

Christine and John Keener

Artanis Home

E-mail: info@artanishome.com

Phone: 720-222-1002