Amber "Modern Apothecary" Hand Soap, Dish Soap PET Plastic Bottle Duo

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The perfect solution for decluttering and elevating your space. 

- Chic, refillable bottles help reduce waste and save you money in the long run, while bringing a touch of elegance to your daily routine.

- Two 16 oz bottles featuring waterproof labels for hand soap and dish soap.*

- Choose from a variety of stylish pumps to suit your personal style.

* Unlike other companies,  we apply the labels straight and even for you! (I mean really,  you pay good money for bottles and YOU have to label them yourself!? Not on our watch.)

Hand wash.
Air dry, or dry with soft cloth to avoid scratching the label.

Height: 8.2 in

Width: 2.75 in

Special Features

Exclusive Artanis Home design features gorgeous chrome details. Our system coordinates for cohesively-designed interiors.

Choose from an array of 4 beautiful pump options to complement your home decor. The waterproof chrome-accented labels are the finishing touch, like jewelry for your countertop.

Avoid overuse of product with pump bottles. Pump bottles stay cleaner and more presentable because they aren't handled often or warped out of shape. Pumps are easy on weak hands, too!