White Cosmo/Bullet 16 oz Printed Shower Bottle Trio - Buy With Prime

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Recommended by NBC News "to make your bathroom more environmentally friendly". 

Transform your shower with clean, minimalist refillable bottles! Replace ugly or mismatched store-bought bottles for an uncluttered look.

- Space-saving design to declutter your bathroom

- Durable, recyclable HDPE plastic bottles with permanent silkscreen print

- Refillable and eco-friendly for cost savings and reduced waste

- Narrow footprint for limited shelf space

- Effortlessly stylish with sleek lines and minimalist labels

Buy in bulk! Refill and save money and plastic waste (and look good while doing so!)

Hand wash.
Air dry or dry with a soft towel.

Height: 9 in

Width: 2.5 in

Special Features

Exclusive minimalist design coordinates with Artanis Home glass countertop bottles for cohesively-designed interiors.

Slender, medium/large size for a chic bathroom sanctuary.

No weird colors or mismatched designs to clash with your decor! Professionally printed pure black print that's easy to read. Shop confidently with 1 year warranty against wear.