Miron Ultraviolet Glass Child-Resistant Low Profile Jar 240ml (8 oz )

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Our UV glass low profile jars are not only elegant, but a zero-waste storage option that are extremely good at what they do.

The low-profile jar is ideal for child-safe storage of dried herbs, tea, organic cosmetics, and more!

Worried about kids getting to sensitive contents? This jar features a child-resistant plastic lid for your peace of mind.

The lid features a violet inlay for an airtight seal. Enjoy no odor, even from the most odoriferous of contents!  (The real deal -- Chinese knockoffs have a white inlay.)

Although sold under different brand names (at higher prices), there is ONE manufacturer of European UV glass bottles and jars. UV glass blocks the full spectrum of visible light. It only allows penetration of beneficial light in the violet, UVA, and infrared frequencies. That's maximum preservation power! 

Take those light-sensitive goods out of the dark pantry and let the sun shine into these stylish jars. Take "store in a dark place" to a whole new level.

Hand wash

Height: 2.6 in

Width: 3.8 in

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Special Features

The lab-designed biophotonic glass blocks out all wavelengths of harmful light, allowing only beneficial wavelengths in. This drastically extends the shelf life and even enhances the potency and quality of dried herbs, natural skincare products, organic cosmetics, essential oils, and more compared to clear, amber, and even opaque glass.

The child-resistant, odor-blocking and air-tight lid makes for an ideal storage solution for precious dried goods and light-sensitive cosmetics.

Heavy, thick glass with a minimalist, straight-sided style. With these jars on display, not only will your kitchen be the crown jewel of your home, but your dried goods will last a long, long time.