Backup of Branded Products for your Hotel or Other Business

We offer special customization options and packages for hotels, cruise ships, salons, gyms, and other businesses, all with discount pricing. A variety of label choices are available,  from 1"-1.4" white thermal transfer to full-color vinyl or BOPP labels of any size from front-only to wraparound, and even direct screen printing to the bottles for larger quantities (hundreds/thousands).
Repeat satisfied clients include BAAK, VacayAZ, The Inn at Montchanin Village, The Hideaway Inn & Conference Center, and Crossfit El Cid Gym.
Hotels/B&Bs/cruise ships/gyms:
Travelers are increasingly seeking out businesses that take steps to protect the environment. Reduce waste from single-use plastic amenity bottles by switching to refillable bottles. Pump bottles add a hospitable, welcoming touch for your guests! Bottles can be cleaned and refilled, or simply replaced (and recycled) when empty. (See the Clean the World hotel recycling program here.) 
Crossfit bottles
Refillable bottles are great if you have a mixture of products you use, but would like to transfer them into dispensers that have a more consistent, unified look.

Homemade products, startups, corporate giveaways:
We do more than just pump bottles! If you’d like customized packaging (including jars and capped bottles) for your business or personal line of products and you don't need the 10K plus minimum order quantity found elsewhere, we can create it for you.
Let us do the work of labeling your bottles and jars, while you focus on your business and making your products. We customize packaging for beauty care products, craft beer, water bottle promotional giveaways, drinks, sauces, or any other foods or products that require bottles or jars. While we don't stock items other than those in our listed products, we can obtain just about any bottles or jars and closures, design and apply the labeling, and send them to you ready to fill! 

How it works:
We will custom design labels for your bottles or jars. (Graphic design and layout is included on a minimum order of 25 bottles, otherwise a small design fee may apply. You may also provide the design.) Labeling options include 1.4″ tall black and white thermal transfer labels, full-size/full-color vinyl or BOPP (plastic) labels, and direct screenprinting to the glass or plastic. We will work with you to create the perfect design, providing images and mockups until approved and ready for print. We will apply the labels (or have the bottles printed) and assemble with your choice of closures (pumps/caps/sprayers/lids).
Due to the virtually unlimited possibilities, we don't have a set list of options or price list. It mostly depends on what your labelling preferences are and quantity desired. Most bottle orders for small to medium-sized hotel/vacation rental clients are between $4 and $6 per plastic bottle (or $8-12 per glass bottle) including label design/application and pumps.
Contact Us:
Use our contact form, or e-mail us for details. Let us know what you’re interested in (type of container and purpose, quantity, design inspiration or instructions, and anything else that's important for your project) and we’ll provide a price quote, a delivery estimate, and create a custom order for purchase here on our web site. Free samples of stock items are available if you’d like to see and test our quality and the durability of our labels.


Thank you!