Branded Products for your Hotel or Other Business

customized pump bottles for amenities by artanis home
For hotels, B&B, and rentals:
Travelers are increasingly seeking out businesses that take steps to protect the environment. We help hospitality businesses to reduce waste from single-use plastic amenity bottles by switching to refillable bottles. Refillable pump bottles  also replace clunky wall-mounted dispensers and add a hospitable, welcoming touch for guests.

No ugly, wall mounted, or tiny bottles


What sets us apart:

  • We are a one-stop shop for refillable bottles. Not only do we source the bottles themselves, but we also design and arrange decoration (print or labelling) of the bottles, and pair them with our tried-and-true pump options.  We are not limited only to the items we stock, but we can obtain just about any market-available bottles or jars and closures, design and apply the labeling, and send them to you ready to fill! 
  • We now print BS5609 Section 3 compliant GHS labels in-house! We finish with laminate for an egg-shell sheen.
  • We provide products and services for hotels, cruise ships, salons, gyms, home stagers/organizers, realtors, medical offices, commercial shops, and other businesses, all with discount pricing.
  • A variety of label choices are available, from 1"-1.4" white thermal transfer to full-color vinyl, BOPP, or GHS labels of any size from front-only to wraparound, and even direct screen printing to the bottles for larger quantities (hundreds/thousands).
If you’d like customized bottles or jars and you don't need the 10K plus minimum order quantity found elsewhere, no problem! We specialize in helping small businesses. Need 10K or more? No problem! Although we are a small company, we have forged strong partnerships with larger direct-to-substrate bottle printing companies that allow us perks not afforded to their new clients such as special pricing, warehousing, the potential for speedier scheduling, and printing less than the industry-wide high minimum order quantities.

Labeling options include:
  • 1″ tall black and white thermal transfer labels (black and white)
  • 1.4″ tall black and white thermal transfer labels (black and white)
  • Full-size/full-color waterproof labels (full-frontal or wraparound)
  • Full-size/full-color waterproof labels (clear, white, or metallized, full-frontal or wraparound)
  • UV-cured screen print (for glass or plastic).
  • Ceramic print (for glass - super durable)

Custom printed label options for bottles and jars

*Ceramic print is not compatible with citric acid.
We will work iteratively with you to create the perfect design, providing images and mockups until approved and ready for print. We will apply the labels (or have the bottles printed) and assemble with your choice of closures (pumps/caps/sprayers/lids).

Miron VioletGlass:
We offer a curated selection of authentic Miron VioletGlass jars. The entire Miron catalogue of bottles and jars is available via special order with no extended lead times! Miron VioletGlass can be labeled or printed with ceramic print. Inquire for a quote. Miron glass bottles extend the life of herbs and organic cosmetics and is widely considered the best storage solution for protection against visible light, allowing certain wavelengths to penetrate the glass that are beneficial to preserving and even revitalizing the contents. See our video documentation of our long-term storage test here.
Miron UV glass jars are available via special order
Dispenser Amenities Bottles with Brackets:
We are also a distributor for Dispenser Amenities (minimum 100 units), and we provide discount pricing compared to their retail pricing. For a brochure of the entire line of Dispenser Amenities products, see here. We recommend the SOLera line of bottles with brackets, in keeping with our passion for pump bottles. Orders will be shipped directly from Dispenser Amenities in Canada, and products are covered under the Dispenser Amenities warranties, as applicable.

Contact Us:
Use our contact form or e-mail us for details. Let us know what you’re interested in (type of container and purpose, quantity, design inspiration or instructions, and anything else that's important for your project) and we’ll provide a price quote, a delivery estimate, and create a custom order for purchase here on our web site. Free samples of stock items are available if you’d like to see and test our quality and the durability of our labels.