Clearance Sale - Small Business Saturday 2021

Small Business Saturday November 27th, 2021

2401 W. 208th St.
Torrance, CA 90501

All items are available for purchase in bulk by appointment before the sale date. 


On sale at low prices:

Slow moving products:

Clear sanitizer bottles with labels.

Case quantity:

Total available: 

Unneeded products:

Black satin steel and stainless steel pumps with long spouts. By case of 250 or lot. These were purchased by mistake. 

Clear high output pumps 28-410 - purchased by mistake

Black phenolic caps- came with bottles. We do not need the caps as we sell bottles with pumps. 

hand sanitizer labels (roll) - our line of products with this label is being discontinued. 

Various lotion pumps and other bottles.


Discontinuing products:

Beige powder coated glass bottles and jars 8 oz -32 oz.


Imperfect products:

Our ceramic printed bottles that are not perfect are not sold retail. Imperfections include manufacturing streaks in the glass, imperfections in the print and off-center print.

Stainless steel pumps (silver/uncoated, bronze and black satin) may have chips,  dents,  or in limited cases,  slightly crooked parts. 

You must agree not to resell any products under the brand name "Artanis Home". Bulk orders of signature Artanis Home designs must be purchased with  a credit card and you must sign an agreement that you will not try to sell under our brand name. This is to protect our reputation for only selling quality products and offering excellent customer service.