At once, you'll appreciate the heavy, thick glass with the beauty of ancient classicism.

Artanis Home provides unique customization options for ultraviolet jars for your kitchen, bathroom, business, or rental. Discounts for multiple are calculated on the customization page.
Use our designs or even create your own. Create a set to unclutter your kitchen or bathroom, organize your products, or display your branding.

Find out why Miron UV glass jars are considered the world's best glass jars. The lab-designed biophotonic glass blocks out all wavelengths of harmful light, allowing only beneficial wavelengths in*. This drastically extends the shelf life and even enhances the potency and quality of dried herbs, natural skincare products, organic cosmetics, essential oils, and more compared to clear, amber, and even opaque glass.

This jar has a grinded glass stopper (no plastic). The stopper creates a tight seal an airtight seal from gravity alone (no pressing or screwing). Enjoy no odor in your kitchen from the most odoriferous of contents. The classic shape makes for a narrow opening, so contents are generally poured out or removed with small utensils.

Take those light-sensitive goods out of the dark cabinet or drawer. These beautiful jars take "store in a dark place" to a whole new level.

*Although sold under different brand names, there is ONE manufacturer of European Miron uv glass bottles and jars that block the full spectrum of visible light, allowing only penetration of beneficial light in the violet, UVA, and infrared frequencies.