4 Eco-Friendly Ways To Spice Up Your House

Are you looking for ways to make your home cozier and welcoming? A good-looking home gives each and every one of us the peace of mind we need. The comfortability in our houses helps us relax and forget about our frustrations for a moment. Besides, having a nice house shows what kind of person you are as well as your personality. A well-spiced home brings out the brighter part of your house, consequently giving one the urge to spend more time there. Today, Artanis Home looks at the different ways you can spice up your house in an eco-friendly way.

Invest in Customizable Reusable Bottles

Spicing up your home can be done with different items like recycled bottles. With these bottles, you can create many homemade decors. If you are a lover of fresh herbs, make yourself a self-watering herb garden from recycled bottles. An upcycled oil lamp can also be made from reused bottles, giving you a cozy feeling that helps you unwind on your balcony while sipping a glass of wine and enjoying the cool breeze.

Utilize Natural Light

Natural light is said to be the number one factor considered when an individual is looking for a home. Did you know that you can also get this natural light from the bright colors you choose for your walls? The bright colors reflect the natural light that finds its way into your room rather than absorbing it. To help get this reflection of the natural light, you should choose a paint with a satin finish instead of the matte finish. You will also need shiny surfaces in areas, such as the kitchen and the bathroom, to make the area feel brighter and bigger. Transform your home into something breathtaking by simply adding more natural light!

Accessorize with Second-Hand Furniture

Have you ever thought of how second-hand furniture would transform your home? If not, give it a try! For your sofa, as long as it has a good frame, it can easily be refurbished with the fabric of your choice. Create a bookshelf out of an old television just with a few DIY tricks. Also, as long as the books support themselves, there’s no need to buy more shelves. With just a bit of creativity, you can customize anything you buy second-hand. This gives a new purpose to otherwise forgotten items and keeps them from the landfill!

Invest In Plants

Plants bring about life and warmth to any space, and investing in them will spice up your home magnificently. You can choose to create an indoor hanging garden to add a touch of color and brighten your home. This idea can be perfectly executed in a corner of the house where pets and small children can’t access. Also, try wall-mounted plants — especially if you are living in apartments with limited space.

A well-designed home is a cozy and welcoming home. Do not wait until it is a festive season or you’re expecting guests to start sprucing your home up! You deserve to come home to a beautiful space every day, and now you can with the added bonus of eco-friendliness, thanks to Artanis Home! Shop our decorative bottles and jars today.

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