A Collaborative Effort on a Short Timeline

A winery with a desire to furnish their guest suite bathrooms with refillable amenity bottles approached us with a short deadline. Photography was scheduled in three short weeks! Unfortunately, the design of our existing 8 oz silkscreen printed bottles which they had ordered a sample of and liked, unfortunately wouldn't work with the brackets they'd already bought for the showers. The bar would partially obstruct the front label design of the bottle:

8 oz bottle with silkscreen print in bracket with bar obstruction

So, they decided they'd like to customize with either labels or silkscreen print, with a design that places the product text below the bar.

We considered special ordering a taller 12 oz bottle (which we got a sample of for a fit check). Although a 12 oz bottle would have worked, the sample took a week to come in from our vendor. So, to be sure to meet the deadline we all decided we should go with the 8 oz we already had stocked and ready for customization. 

Then came the question of labels versus print? Checking with the printing line schedule, it just so happened that the line was already set up for our 8 oz bottles and a quick printing turnaround was a definite possibility. For the relatively small number of bottles needed, though, the economical choice was labels, so labels it was! We provided a template for the winery's graphic designer, who came up with some choices which they designed taking the bar obstruction into consideration. A design was chosen, tweaked with some advice we provided on the formatting, and the final design was printed on vinyl and applied to the 8 oz bottles. All were packed and delivered with time to spare!

 3 customized amenity bottles for hotel winery with custom labels

At Artanis Home,  we are happy to either design something special or work with your own designer to create your perfect amenity product dispensers. And we don't mind the roller coaster of obstacles and challenges that sometimes arise. It is our pleasure to serve. We do the legwork to find the right bottle, decorate or apply labels, and pair the bottles with our tried-and-true, reliable pumps -- all on a reasonable budget and delivered on time. Contact us to help you with your next project! 

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