A Gift for Mom

Man kissing his mother on forehead  A client came to us to design the most thoughtful gift for his mother. She often had family visiting her home, and would collect amenity bottles from hotels from her frequent travels. In her guest bathroom, she’d arrange them on a tray with towels and a bouquet of flowers to really make her guests feel welcome.


The client thought it would be a nice idea to have us customize a set of refillable bottles so that she'd have larger bottles that were all her own "brand" with a consistent and cohesive look. He liked the idea of having them designed featuring the family name, and wanted bottles that looked like they were from a ritzy hotel. He rather liked a design we had come up with which we displayed at our vendor booth at the California Hotel & Lodging Association's Southern California Hotel and Lodging Conference.

Based on that design, we created a regal-looking black label with a monogram crest for the family. 

customized amenity bottle labels

The bottles of choice were 8 oz light amber PET plastic Boston rounds (currently only available as special order) for her amenities, to which we applied the labels with variants for Body Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash.

4 customized amber plastic bottles

It was a fun and thoughtful little project, and Mom loved them! The beauty shot below features dark amber bottles that we put together just for fun. :)

Personalized shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles

Got a small project? Our minimum order quantity for customization is only 8 bottles! Contact us to create something special for you.

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