Finding the Right Style

Sometimes the client may THINK they have an idea of what they want, but then they see what they REALLY want.

 As the designer, I oftentimes have an idea for what style a label should have based on the property that the amenity bottles are being customized for. I check out the web site,  photos of the property,  and learn a bit about a place to determine what direction I'd like to go to for the label design.  Earlier this year,  we were asked to make 16 oz glass pump dispenser bottles with a black and white "minimalist" design for an incredible Alaskan lodge. Surrounded by wilderness and wildlife, a trip to this place promised adventure and nature in the raw right outside the doors of the property's charming bungalows. 

    After trying hard to stick to the minimalist idea, I felt the label needed some natural elements. I created a couple of designs that had the minimalism the client was asking for,  but "threw in" a couple more that had natural elements that I thought suited their property. One was the design I thought the property needed--a grayscale design featuring layers of trees receding into mist (far right).

various designs for lodge

And she went for it! (I love it when a plan comes together.)

 various customized bottles for hotel amenities


Creating the right branded bottles is an iterative process. I never know what a client is going to think of my designs. Some just love one right off the bat, others require some back and forth, and new, fresh ideas. I love the satisfaction of knowing when they are all done and the bottles are all labeled and packed for shipping, that the client is going to love them. Contact us for more information on how we can create something special for your brand.

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