Our New Obsession - Miron VioletGlass

We've only recently evaluated the wonder that is Miron VioletGlass. I really don't know what took us so long to take a look at what is without a doubt the best protective glass for natural products on the market. 

various miron violetglass bottles

MironGlass boasts biophotonic properties that "protects, prolongs, and revitalizes" natural products within, protecting them from harmful sun rays while allowing portions of UVA and infrared light. A standout among ubiquitous amber glass bottles, this premium glass is heavy, with better protection and a luxurious, practically black color.


Can Miron glass be customized?

As our tagline says, "Custom Bottles and Jars" is what we do! Not only do we print and label our own designs, but we create branded products for our clients. Make a statement with printing directly on the glass or with glossy thermal transfer, vinyl, or BOPP labels. A minimalist design can create a refined, high-end look, or add design elements that evoke a sense of zen, femininity, or manliness. If you're interested in labeled or custom printed Miron glass bottles, fill out our inquiry form for a quote!

Mockup of Miron VioletGlass Bottle and Jar with Ceramic Print


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