Mixing It Up for Luxury Rentals

We had the pleasure of working with Hillary Skye of Skye Luxury Rentals to create soap dispensers for both showers and countertops for her properties. For the shower, she chose sets of white plastic bottles, and for the countertop, luxurious amber glass bottles. All are refillable to minimize waste, and recyclable to minimize impact on the environment. The challenge here was to design, adjust, and render previews of the labelling for two different sized bottles, as the shower bottles are much taller and slender.

We came up with 4 designs as a starting point for her custom labels, with the signature Skye Luxury Rentals dragonfly as a major focal point and some soft gray accents. On the back, we included property locations, services, and contact information.
Row of design concepts for customized bottles for Skye Luxury Rentals

Hillary liked concept #2 with it's bold, modern vibe. We further refined it by changing grey to a calming, deep shade of blue and adding the muted, stripe detail from concept #3 in the background to add interest and elegance.

 Final designs


If you're interested in design services for your custom soap dispensers, we're here for you! Our design process is iterative. We refine until we have the perfect design for you, and 3d/augmented reality views are available too! Whether it's adhesive labels or silkscreen print, we can provide not only the containers, but the decoration as well, making us a one-stop shop for customized bottles and jars. E-mail us for a free quote.


To book a stay at any of Hillary's beautiful properties or see information about short term rental management, see skyeluxuryrentals.com.

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