The Magic of UV Glass Jars: Keeping Your Goods Safe in Style!

Picture this: you're an herb-loving, essential oil-hoarding, tea drinking, potion-brewing wizard, and you need a way to keep your magical ingredients fresh and potent. Enter the unsung hero of storage solutions - the UV glass jar! This unassuming container is like the Gandalf of glassware, harnessing the power of ultraviolet light to shield your precious concoctions from harm. Let's embark on a journey into the world of UV glass jars and discover how they work their magic!

The Wizardry (and Science) Behind UV Glass

Here's the scoop on how these incredible jars work their UV-filtering wonders:

Violet is the New Black: UV glass jars are crafted from a special type of glass that looks black, but is actually a deep shade of violet. Don't believe me? Hold it up to a bright light looking through one layer of the glass. This isn't a mere illusion, mind you. This violet tint is the secret sauce that makes these jars tick!

Block Those Rays!: UV glass has a knack for blocking the bad guys - we're talking about the harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. It's like putting up an invisible force field around your ingredients, keeping them safe from light-induced degradation.

Miron Uv glass jars let in beneficial light wavelengths like violet, uv-a, and infrared, while blocking the rest of the spectrum that is harmful.
But Wait, There's More!: While UV glass stands guard against the menacing UV rays, it's a bit of a softie for some friendly wavelengths. It lets the good stuff - UV-A and infrared light - pass through. These light frequencies have special powers that help preserve, and in even enhace the quality of your organic goods.

The Benefits of UV Glass Jars

Now, let's talk about why UV glass jars are the MVPs of storage solutions:

Flash Time for Your Ingredients: Ever wished you could slow down time and keep your herbs, spices, and oils as fresh as the day they were harvested? UV glass jars grant you that power! Outside the jar, things decay faster, while inside you have a supercapsule of time-dilation awesomeness. The jars dramatically extend the shelf life of your precious goods, preserving them until you're ready to conjure up culinary delights, mix up your powders, enjoy the herbal contents, or pamper your skin with the finest organic elixirs.

No More Sad, Stale Spices: Say goodbye to lackluster flavors and aromas! UV glass keeps your herbs, spices, tea, coffee and more are in tip-top shape, ensuring they're always fresh and ready for enthusiastic consumption.

Eco-Friendly Enchantment: UV glass jars are eco-warriors in disguise. They're durable and reusable, which means you're not contributing to single-use waste. The apothecary jars even are an all-glass option with a grinded glass stopper. Mother Nature gives you an approving nod!

Still not convinced? See our video documentation of our own 7 month test that compares the Miron uv glass jar against clear, amber, and opaque jars! 


In the grand tapestry of storage solutions, UV glass jars are the gems that let you store precious goods like the ancients, but with modern day science. With their UV-blocking prowess and ability to let in the good vibes, these jars are the ultimate guardians of your light-sensitive ingredients. So embrace the world of UV glass jars and let the magic unfold in your pantry, apothecary, or wherever your potions may reside! Remember, with great power (of UV glass) comes great freshness!

Artanis Home offers a curated selection of authentic European Miron UV glass jars (not a Chinese knockoff). These jars are also sold by various retailers like Infinity Jars and Herb Guard. While worth a high price, we aim to offer the absolute BEST prices. See our collection and compare our prices here.

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