Happiness in the palm of your hands

Feeling happier every time you wash your hands isn't out of reach. When you love your soap dispensers, you can have happiness in your own hands. When you choose beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing Artanis Home designs for your stylish storage solutions, your rooms and bathrooms become immediately elevated.


  When you know the story behind the small business you've supported, you'll feel even more justified & proud of your decision to invest in these carefully curated products made in Colorado. Husband and wife team, John and Christine, have been making people happy in this simple and satisfying way since 2017 with their dream of transforming homes, one room, and often, one soap dispenser at a time.

 "We have whole collections available," John shared. "We can do custom labels as well, but our most popular collection is the Modern Apothecary Collection. Our customers and new website visitors rave about them and that makes our day.  

We are a true mom & pop business and what sets us apart is that we pride ourselves in the entire customer experience. We really listen to our customer's feedback and incorporate it as often as we can. 

 For example, we've recently added high output, showerproof pumps to our PET plastic bottles collections so people can get more liquid per pump and it's been a hit".

"Our homes are a sanctuary, and we're finding that people are really wanting to improve the look of their homes to have the look of a high-end hotel or retreat. What we offer is a way to get an enhanced look and feel with unique designs. And for kitchen and bathroom renovations, a nice soap dispenser is an elegant finishing touch," Christine explained.

 miron jars infinity jars, soap dispensers, tea jars, with custom labels and print.

Your Spring and Summer refresh is in the palm of your hands. Artanis custom bottles and dispensers are available on our website, as well as Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Facebook, and Instagram.

 Shop our best sellers and customized soap dispensers and jars. Looking for bulk or wholesale? See our wholesale page.

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